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Innovative platforms with artificial intelligence for customer experience, market studies, surveys, chatbots and internal communication.


Qualtrics is the platform that provides holistic brand monitoring to direct its growth, no. in the USA, and now in Mexico with the help of Umpalumpeando. 

Why Qualtrics? You will optimize the brand experience through brand differentiators, analysis and intelligence, brand status monitoring methodology and design.


Gupshup is a leading platform for developing messaging and chatbot solutions for businesses. Its main focus is the integration of artificial intelligence and process automation to improve communication between companies and their customers.

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The platforms we have to implement a successful customer experience are complemented with tools and services to evaluate  and provide a diagnosis of the marketing, operations and sales strategy of each client. 

It is essential to understand customer needs and expectations to offer products and services that generate loyalty, retention and positive word of mouth for the company and its brands. 

Services:Mystery Shopper, Point of sale surveys with tablets, Market Research, CRM, Data Analysis, Customer Journey Maps, Social Media and Reputation Monitoring, Live Chat and technical support, Audience segmentation and personalization of experiences, to mention a few. 


Beekeeper is the essential platform for frontline workers. A mobile platform for the sales and operational force.

Improve communication, quick coordination and perform more functions with improved results, iboosts productivity.

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