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Content Generators

We believe that we all have something to say, the world is full of content but waiting to receive what makes a change and leaves stories to reflect or entertain.

Presenting yourself on a social network is more challenging than you think, we help you find your voice, your message and build your community. 


Social networks are powerful, use them to your advantage! 

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Coaching of your brand: analysis of your brand and platform (social network), brand brief, brand strategy proposal, definition of follower persona and brand persona.

Branding Portfolio: logo development and design, identity manual, applications for social networks.

Media Influencer Kit or Media kit: kit development and design in PDF format with cost analysis.

Quick Instagram account report: average like, engagement rate, popular posts, ftus # and users with the most tags, followers - promoters, credibility with your audience, % of fake followers.

Connecting with brands for paid campaigns

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